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Instead of working harder, GST works smarter.  GST creates a strong athletic and aesthetic pain-free body using entirely different means than traditional and fad methods. Not only is the way we work different, but so is the substance we work with: fascia

Fascia is the substance that your muscles, bones and all other tissue structures in the body are made from. Every exercise method works with fascia by default through using muscles however GST use of fascia isn’t accidental. GST’s proprietary techniques for fascia intentionally access and change how fascia behaves, therefore changing how your whole body looks and functions.  To really get what you want from your body and your workout, it is essential for you to know how to work your fascia.For example, fascia responds very poorly to traditional and fad exercise methods because it hates aggressive force and mind numbing repetition.  It resists and congests when it becomes too adrenal from strenuous overwork and also becomes stiff, stubborn, toxic and non- responsive when under or misused.


The GST workout is the perfect balanced workout because…

  • Working fascia works all systems holistically, not just over taxing one of them.
  • GST exercises require the right blend of stretch and strength.
  • GST exercises require the correct ratio of effort and flow, which eliminates congestion in muscles and prevents degeneration of joints.
  • GST class/session intensity creates an endorphin (release?)not adrenal response. Adrenalin inhibits fat burning, increases stress response and leaves the body exhausted and in a state of breakdown.
  • GST creates the perfect environment for fascia to thrive:
      • diversity of movements ,
      • variety of forces,
      • intensity through balance of effort and flow,
      • dynamics like speed and range of motion,
          • complete tissue metabolic process (force application, distribution and elimination),
          • tension calibration.
        • It is essential to complement and balance any other workout regime.


The total sum of the GST workout is a holistic mindful not mindless exercise program. Conscious conditioning will change the condition of your whole body.

What people are saying about GST Conscious Conditioning®

  • “I spent nearly twenty years swimming, running, and strength training with weights/bands/balls etc. It wasn’t until I studied GST® that I actually had any sense of how the body naturally moves and the “strings” that tie it together. So much of what I had been doing concentrated around developing specific regions of my body to perform better. With GST®, I realized that I could be more productive, faster, and safer (injury-wise) by understanding that any movement should pull from all regions of the body.” 

    Ellen Minga
    Ellen Minga
  • I have studied dance, circus, and aerial arts, as well as competed in many other sports and GST® provided me unparalleled understanding and physical aptitude no other exercise training has.  GST® is the foundation of all quality movement and it has provided me what no movement technique has thus far—simple, specific instructions on how to use my body.

    Katie Mallete
    Katie Mallete
  • Because of the innovative techniques unique to GST®, you think it, you believe it, you practice it, you feel it, and you live it. GST® is groundbreaking and surpasses Pilates and traditional exercise. I encourage people to try GST®…it will change your life.

    Tana Rosenblatt
    Tana Rosenblatt
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