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                • GST techniques advance my work with all the dancers I see. There is something very unique and different about GST and it works better than any other things I have tried!

                  Toni Tanil
                  Toni Tanil CMT and Massage Therapist, Royal Danish Ballet
                • My body felt stronger and balanced after just one session.  As an Osteopath and a physician I have to say Anna Rahe’s knowledge of the human physique and physiology is superb.

                  Dr. Payam Hakimi
                  Dr. Payam Hakimi D.O. Body of Harmony
                • With over 30 years of extensive diverse studies, I can say with confidence that GST is by far one of the leaders in the body care and wellness field. I have personally experienced profound body changes and see these in my patients as well. GST works synergistically with every other body care method. I even find that GST enhances my work and reduces a patient’s needs for adjustments.

                  Robert I Jeffrey
                  Robert I Jeffrey D.C., L.Ac.

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