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MM CLASSES: cater to the pain and injured body but is also a perfect place for beginners because the tempo is slower and the focus in on precision to specific areas of concern. It’s a great place to learn and deepen your practice.

  • “SOMATIC” – LEARN about GST from the inside out with this class focused on practicing the body actions that can help you heal aches, pains, and other injuries. This class involves less movement since it is focused on the internal actions that go along with our techniques.
  • “KINETIC” – This class is focused on translating the somatic (body) actions of GST into kinetic movement to help you learn how your movement can become medicine for your body.

CC CLASSES: cater to the healthy body wanting to workout, feel and look amazing. All classes require mindfulness but the tempo of these classes move more quickly and focus on exertion effort while keeping you moving. You can start as a beginner and will enjoy learning your body as you move.

  • “SCULPT” – Learn how to lengthen your body while you strengthen it. Using GST concepts and different kinds of resistance will help you work your body in a whole new way to tone and sculpt your muscles like never before.
  • “STRETCH” – Gain more flexibility and range of motion than ever before! GST’s unique use of traction combined with our lengthening movements will help you decompress your joints while you stretch your muscles at the same time.
  • “BEATS” – Put your GST into practice with simple full range of motion and dynamic movements in our new cardio class! We’ll layer simple steps into different sequences to keep you moving and having fun while you do your cardio the GST way.

AA CLASSES: cater to anyone of any age looking to keep their bodies feeling young for as long as possible! These classes will focus on combining special GST somatic techniques with movement in order to target the areas that can suffer as you age.

  • “PREVENTION” – Work against the negative effects of misuse and aging, by starting early to counteract the tightening of joints and muscles, compression of the spine, and other body issues. The exercises and techniques that are a part of GST can help you stay pain free and looking good for longer, especially if you start early!
  • “RESTORATION” – Help restore your body’s function to reverse the effects of an aging body on your joints, muscles, spine and more so you can rid yourself of aches and pains.

1 Hour Classes: Get in and get it done.

Short but mighty, our 1 hour classes give you great instruction and body care.

$25 Drop In

1.5 Hour Classes: Invest and indulge.  

Longer and amazing-er, our 1.5 hour classes layer into a rich body care experience to deepen your practice.

$35 Drop In

Class Packages

Opportunities to maximize your investment and save:



  • 1 HOUR



  • 1.5 HOUR



  • (Includes 3 each length)



  • INTRO WEEK- 7 days unlimited



  • 1 HOUR classes: Expires monthly



  • MONTHLY BLEND: all class access

Appointments by Type

Appointments: Movement Medicine (MM)

MM APPOINTMENTS; – Better than Physical Therapy, these private sessions are literally medicine for the pain and injured body.  Personalized for your body needs, these session are predominantly directed by hands on manual adjustment techniques, they also require participation for special prescriptive exercises.

“SPOT TREATMENTS” – 1 spot, 1 pain

25 min / $60

BODY ASSESSMENT & TREATMENT” – Do you have a complicated body history, a complex body concern or simple body fear?  We want to learn learn about your body.  We have simple effective ways to correct and change its current condition and future course.

90 min introductory educational session addressing minor issues and concerns and suggest a treatment plan.

$110 with Stefanie

$185 with Anna Rahe

“MANUAL RE-EDUCATION”: Personal practice goes deeper and body transformation faster with help.  These sessions focus on manual therapy with the right amount of prescriptive exercises to take your body to a whole new level.

1 hour – $150

1.5 hour – $185

BODYWORK TREATMENT”: Re-educate, Restructure, Reprogram.   Think deep tissue or Rolfing because some bodies require and some prefer a lot of input to reprogram body tissue. These session are hand on only fascia reconditioning.

1 hour – $185

1.5 hour – $235

*Special prices available for regular GST students.

Appointments: Conscious Conditioning (CC)

CC APPOINTMENTS: focused on physical movement to learn GST’s fascia techniques for the point of health and overall body vitality.

“QUICKIE” – refresh your fascia in a quick 25 min session that includes light hands on manual tissue release while you move.

25 min / $35

WORK IT” – Want a personal trainer? We prefer “teacher” because you’ll still learn a lot while you work it out. Stretch, strengthen, reform.

55 min session / $75

TUTORIAL”- perfect your technique, condition your body.

$75 with Stefanie

$130 with Anna Rahe

BODY DETAILING” – WORKOUT + MANUAL THERAPY-  Get into the details. Chose an area and or body part, you want to understand, unlock, and transform.

1 hour – $150

1.5 hour – $185

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