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Anna Rahe

Kind of an anomaly, Anna Rahe has always taken the road less traveled. With an innate ambition and passionate personality she has always chosen to live life her way on her terms.

Once you experience Anna’s depth and breadth of knowledge about the human body, it’s hard to believe that she has no official medical degree. In fact her university education presented her with a degree with honors in Philosophy from the University of San Francisco.

She, by accident, received her first certificate in Pilates from the well-respected Boulder Pilates Center at the young age of 18, intending to use her knowledge to build a career in her passions of dance and acting. Little did she know this started her path on what would become her life’s work.

Anna’s journey of discovery took her into so many fields of study and somatic body methods ranging from eastern medicine such as acupuncture and Thai chi all the way to western physiology, applied kinesiology and manual therapy, like Rolfing. All her studies were directed towards finding the answer to her chronic and debilitating pain that as of today still has no official diagnoses.

While there was not one specific program that answered her body’s needs, the accumulation of her studies helped develop GST Technology, which brought significant physical change and permanent relief.

Anna has been a somatic and lifestyle educator for over 20 years. She has run different body studios, lectured and taught around the world and spent time on faculty at the University of San Francisco. She enjoys working with all people and bodies ranging from professional and Olympic athletes to young children with scoliosis and paralysis. Her major joy recently is watching her toddler daughter dancing with her beautiful little healthy body.

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